Conference Series vs Rowan

This past weekend, Penn Club Baseball played a three-game conference series against Rowan. After an extremely long two days, we left South Jersey with one victory and two losses.

Saturday’s Game 1 was a pitching duel. After a dormant start at the plate, we scored three runs in the 4th behind James “Big Stick” Emerick’s big RBI single. Freshman pitcher, Andrew Becker, had his first start on the mound and did not disappoint. Allowing just one earned run and striking out twelve batters, Becker had Rowan’s line-up off balance all night. With a one-run lead in the 6th inning, Matthew “Okie” Powery stole home on a wild pitch, giving us a two-run cushion. That extra run would prove crucial, as Rowan scored another in the top of the 7th. Thankfully, Becker did not panic, and we walked away with the W (4-3).

Games 2 and 3 were contested Sunday afternoon/night. In the first game, Doug “Slim Jim” Meyers looked to continue his streak of dominance on the mound. In his typical fashion, Meyers found himself in and out of trouble throughout the first few innings. We traded runs with Rowan and took a one-run lead in the 6th. It was not meant to be, however, as Rowan put up a 9-spot in the bottom half of the inning, effectively ending the game. This swing of momentum carried into the third game, as we could not get our bats going. James Townley pitched well but did not receive any run support, and we lost the rubber match 9-2.

From the mishandling of game times to the outcomes of the games themselves, there were a lot of lowlights this weekend. Mixed in were a few highlights that lightened the burden of losing just a bit…


-          not starting Game 1 until 9PM (and not having any time to warm up)

-          spending a combined 12 hours at the field

-          the infield’s beach-like qualities

-          the obnoxious fan(s)

-          Quinn running into the fence in center…and then getting plunked in the head the following inning

-          waiting around for the field lights to turn on


-          Mr. Rogers being admonished by a tax-paying, proud mother

-          Gaer face planting during I/O

-          Taggart going 6 for 6 on stolen bases

-          Rittler taking a trip down memory lane

-          Bobby ruining the dugout experience for the entire team

-          Wawa subs and Townley’s mom’s famous cookies

-          Gus and Okie’s Legion night

We’d like to thank the families and girlfriends who came out to support us. The conditions were less than ideal, but you hung in there with us. Hopefully the results will be better in our next game (Friday, April 18th, vs TCNJ).

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Conference DH vs TCNJ Recap

Today marked the official start of PCB’s spring season. Meiklejohn Stadium played host as we got things rolling with a double header against TCNJ. It looked like we were determined to lose when we first took the field. TCNJ quickly scored two runs following a couple errors and walks. After the first inning, we settled down in the field, backing up Kirav Patel’s solid outing on the mound. In fact, the freshman pitcher did not give up any more runs for the rest of the game. From there, it was up to our bats to get it done. Led by Ben “Brogers” Rogers and Joseph “All-state” Strege, we finally took the lead in the bottom of the fifth and won the game 4 to 2.

The story of the second game was Doug “Slim Jim” Meyers’ standout performance on the mound. Usually offering to pitch the first game of a series, Meyers elected to switch things up. It turned out to be a great decision. Meyers was in the zone all day, striking out thirteen TCNJ batters and allowing just two runs in the final frame. He even struck out the side after loading the bases in the fourth inning. PCB waited until the fifth inning to really get the bats going, and things culminated in the sixth with Rogers’ bases-clearing double. We left Meiklejohn with a 6 to 2 victory and a two-game sweep for the day.

Despite stranding an unhealthy amount of runners, we walked away with two more in the win column (putting us at 3-2 on the season thus far). Here are some other highlights/lowlights from the day:

-          The recurring infield fly calls

-          Fink’s glove toss

-          Wolfen doing his best Bill Buckner impression… and Rogers astutely pointing out that “he used to be an outfielder”

-          Rawlin’s glove… still not broken in

-          Townsend trying to take the field with a hoodie under his jersey

-          Wags showing up to watch the game from the stands

-          Gus’ 2-hit day

-          Townley’s mom’s cookies

-          Norton’s incredibly illegible bookkeeping

Special thanks go out to the families who made the trip down and to our peers who cheered us (well, cheered Meyers) on today. We’ll finish up our series with TCNJ later in the semester, and our next games will be at Rowan in two weeks.

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Conference Series vs St. Joe’s Recap

PCB fall series 1Penn Club Baseball’s series against St. Joe’s this weekend certainly saw its ups and downs. Our goal was to take 2 (or 3 or 4) out of 3 but we got off to an incredibly rocky start in Game 1. Doug “Slim Jim” Meyers zoned in and pitched a decent game but received no run support. In the worst hitting performance in team history, PCB was held to a no-hitter by St. Joe’s ace, and we wound up losing 10-0.

Game 2 was a slight improvement. LA’s own, Michael “Wags” Wagmeister took the mound and gave us 5 solid innings. Another freshman, JP Quinn, broke the team’s hitless streak with a triple in the 1st inning. Sam “Sogers” Rogers also had a good game at the plate, with a couple of hits. By the end of the game, PCB had 7 hits but only 2 runs and lost 11-2 in another blowout.

Joe Strege returned to his “All-state” ways and sparked a breakout at the plate for us during the final game. His RBI double in the 1st inning set the tone for us and was just the first of his 3 hits for the day. Matthew “Okie” Powery, Sam Rogers, and Nich Rittler also had multiple-hit days. Riding Kirav Patel through 6 innings in his PCB pitching debut, we had an 11-8 lead heading into the last inning. Andrew Becker did his best Mariano Rivera impression and shut the door on St. Joe’s 2-3-4 hitters in the 7th.

Improving from 0 hits in the first game to 10 in the third was the most significant highlight of the weekend, and winning the final game was huge for our goal of making it to Regionals in the spring. Here are some other highlights from the weekend:

–Taggart playing the game at Puig-like speeds

–3B-2B head nods

–Townley’s outfield chatter

–Taggart physically moving the guy as he slapped the tag at 2nd

–Meyers’ witty comments from the dugout

–Patel shutting down the kid who’s been “wrecking the ball”

–“There’s nothing to talk about.”… psyyccchhhh

–Townley thinking Luke was Meyers when he came to the game

–Ben Rogers’ acrobatic catches

–Gus crossing himself in relief

A special shout-out goes to Karina and Luke for helping out and keeping book for us. Also, many thanks to all the families that came out to support and those who provided the team with lunch on Saturday. We’ll see you all in the spring.

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Scrimmage vs York Recap

Yesterday, Penn Club Baseball played a 9-inning scrimmage against York. Despite our slow start, PCB got the bats going and scored eight runs in the second and third innings. After nine, we had outscored our competition 15-11. Because it was just a scrimmage, the game will not count on our record, but it was a good way to start the year. Our young pitchers threw strikes, and we consistently put the ball in play. Not bad for our first time out on the field this season. Here are some other on-and off-field highlights (and low-lights) from yesterday:

– The Marucci

– Finding out the hard way that Okie’s face guard works

– Taggart’s errant throw to first

– Seinfeld quotes

– Dan Smith doing his best cricket impression

– Dan Smith getting hit by a ground ball while running from second to third (and Gus proudly taking a single in the book for it)

– Gus’ surprisingly good job at first base

– Sam Rogers’ 3-for-3 day

– Karina’s extremely neat book-keeping

– The excessively long ride home


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2013-14 Tryouts

To all incoming Penn students interested in playing club baseball during the 2013-14 season, tryouts will be held September 15th from 12-3pm at the varsity field (Meiklejohn Stadium). If you have any questions regarding the tryouts, please feel free to contact one of the team’s Co-Presidents:

(Senior) Matt Powery–

(Junior) Matt Gus–

Also, be sure to stop by the Club Baseball table during the Fall Activities Club Fair (Monday, 9/2, 11a-3p) for more information and to sign up for tryouts.

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Player Interview: Luke “Cooter Shooter” Poethig

Luke PCB Headshot

After a long hiatus, our “Player Interview” series returns with a special exit interview. Former PCB Co-President and graduating History/Art History buff, Luke “Cooter Shooter” Poethig, speaks about his favorite moments from the last four years, his thoughts on the future, and other things.

1)      Luke, looking back on your four years with Penn Club Baseball (three of which, you were heavily involved in as an executive), how would you describe the team’s progress and current status?

–The team’s progress has been remarkable considering we weren’t even in the NCBA my freshman year. J-rod, Mich, and Miller did an incredible job setting up and leading PCB to success. Unfortunately, we had a forgettable record this year, but the team is as strong as ever. From being involved with PennRec and having a presence on campus, PCB is definitely a top-tier club team.  Next year will be full of W’s.

2)      What are your favorite on- and off-field PCB moments?

–On-Field include MCCC scrimmage freshmen year, beating Hofstra (includes Miller’s scoop at 1st), and clinching Regionals.  So many off-field memories come to mind: All the mixers, 6am conversation, Cavs trips, Pong tourney with J-rod, Mich, Big Bird, Trox, and Miller my freshmen year, Okie’s 6 dizzy bat performance, and my #1 memory of PCB…Abner’s and OE with Miller after clinching.

3) It’s well known that you aren’t exactly sure what your immediate future holds, but what are your long-term goals? If it were up to you, where could current players find you in a couple of years?

–Living in Europe (Berlin) or New York, working in an art museum/gallery setting, teaching.  Potentially back in school within the next decade…using up the rest of my NCBA eligibility.

Lightning Round

Favorite PCB catch phrase?

–The obvious choice is “Rip…”, but I’ll keep it g-rated and go with “GATA” or “It’s a Legion Night”

Person you regret not getting to sock wrestle?


Jon Jones or Anderson Silva?

–Bones, purely because he didn’t even notice his broken toe

Loco Pez tacos or Honest Tom’s chicken burrito?

–Loco Pez $1 tacos all day errday. But shout out to HT’s, and Pasqually’s for that matter

This is Penn Club Baseball, so I have to… Favorite country song?

–Dirt Road Anthem without question

Speaking of music, A$AP or Danny Brown?

–A$AP, but the Danny Brown concert on 5/8 may reverse my answer.

Basquiat or Warhol?


More memorable performance: Kiera Knightley in Last Night or Alexia Rasmussen in The Comedy?

–Wow, this might be the toughest choice, gotta go with Kiera. I have watched Last Night 5 times.

Place you wish you would have spent more time in while at Penn?

–Hmmmm…..Legion. Or Fox getting Big Boy Elio strong.

Mets or Yankees?

–Psychhhh. Always the Phils.

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Farewell to a Frustrating Season

Last Game of 2012-13

Last Game of 2012-13

Today marked the end of one of PCB’s most disappointing seasons in recent memory. After beginning the season with a stellar Fall series vs. Rowan, the team tumbled down a steep slope in the Spring. Poor execution, lack of attendance, scheduling, and tough breaks plagued us the last ten games.

We began by losing a non-conference DH to a very strong Penn State team. Our next series brought conference rival Rider to Mieklejohn Stadium on a beautiful early April weekend. Unfortunately, PCB struggled on both the defensive and offensive side of ball and lost three games. However, the highlight of the season came when we rallied in the bottom of the 7th with 8 runs; we ultimately lost after three extra innings. After Rider, we faced TCNJ over two weekends, losing two of three. We faced the conference leaders St. Joes in our final series, and played poorly–losing all three. 4-8 in the conference and 0-2 outside wasn’t what we hoped for before the season began.

That being said, with many downs came a few ups:

–Masaru Nogami, Ben Chambers, and Stephen Chernekoff playing in every single game of the season. These three players lead the team throughout the season, putting the team over their physical health.

–Matt Powery rebounding from his broken jaw and tearing it up at the end of the season. As the senior Co-President next year, “Okie” will definitely lead PCB by example.

–Bobby Alexander retiring from the Club Hockey team and returning to Club Baseball this year.

–Joe Strege’s successful job filling in as one of the team’s best pitchers

–Frosh catcher Matt Fink catching doubleheaders despite sleepless nights

–James Emerick’s amazing chauffeuring of the team in the “Cooter Scooter.” Oh yeah, he also did well in the outfield and behind the plate

–Matt Gus’s coaching third base and surprisingly good offensive production.

–Ben Rogers ripping the ball and taking grounders of his chin.

–And finally, Luke Poethig’s return to actually playing after three years of infrequent play. Although his performance wasn’t always pretty, “The Coot” had his shining moments.

–Most importantly, PCB had one of the best years off the field in years hosting killer BBQs and mixers with some of the finest ladies the campus has to offer.

And with that, the 2012-2013 season and the Coot era comes to a close. Looking at past, present, and future, the Penn Club Baseball seems to be on the Winner’s Curve. The upswing begins next year:


The Winner’s Curve

–Always a big thank you to our families, friends, and Penn’s Recreation Department for supporting Penn Club Baseball throughout the season. There’s no doubt our fanbase will continue to grow in the coming years.

See you at baseball field next year!

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