Drexel Series Recap 10/22


Penn Club Baseball is officially back.  Today we had a great turn-out (16 guys) as we kicked off the fall season with two exhibition games against Drexel, and in true PCB fashion, we came, we saw, we had a good time.

Game 1:

Joseph ‘Slim’ Strege took the mound, his first start in the big leagues.  After getting through those NCBA nerves in the first inning, Slim chalked up seven K’s in 3 innings of work.  The team’s bats needed to stretch and warm up—we quickly went three up, three down in the 1st inning—before we put up three runs in the 2nd.  Switch-hitting Ryan ‘Wake Forest’ Jacobs jacked a triple that sparked a three-run 5th inning.  We led 5-2 until the bottom of the 6th, but we trailed Drexel 9-5 heading into our final ab’s.  In the 7th, Ryan Sila, ripped a 2-RBI double in the right-center gap, and two batters later, Sam Breuer tied the game with a two run single.  Despite Daniel ‘Milk’ Gromer’s complaints, we had to end the game in a tie due to time restrictions.

Game 2:

Other complaints concerning food resulted in the ordering of four large pizzas, something that the team would later regret.  Jeremy ‘Yoda’ Yodh used the force to hold Drexel to 1 run in two innings of work.  After the rookie’s impressive start, we handed the ball to veteran lefty James ‘Big Stick’ Emerick, who dealt for two innings, making the Drexel hitters look foolish.  Unfortunately, it all went south from there.  Drexel scored 4 runs in the 5th by hitting bloop single after bloop single (making the score 5-0).  Then the call to the bullpen was made, and here came Luke ‘The Cooter Shooter’ Poethig.  Surprisingly, Cooter got us out of trouble rather than into more of it, inspiring the team to score our first (and only) run the next inning.  It got ugly in the 6th as Cooter returned to his usual self by hitting two batters and giving up three runs.  After a good first game, it appeared that we lost our ability to pitch and hit in the second.

So in the end, Luke’s managerial debut ended 0-1-1, not a bad start. Miller will be back next weekend to take back the reins as we square off against our not-so-official rivals TCNJ in the first division games of the year.


–Luke’s horrible (and extremely short) pre-game speech

–Wofford trucking the first baseman… and then staring him down.

–Powery making the third out four times (and pissing Cherney off by doing so)

–Gus’ 8-inch lead off of first base

–Drexel’s Hideo Nomo

–Turell being way too intense for exhibition games

–Gromer being the soccer mom that we always wanted

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