TCNJ Series Recap 11/5

Yesterday, Penn Club Baseball played its first conference games of the season against TCNJ.  During the week, Co-President Patrick ‘Totti’ Miller reminded the team that TCNJ swept us last year, and we better get revenge on Saturday.

Game 1:

Junior Grant Saunders set the tone by striking out two guys in the first with mid-80s fastballs.  In the 2nd inning, freshmen Matt Gus and Jeremy ‘Yoda’ Yodh sparked PCB’s offense and gave us a 1-0 lead.  In the 3rd, PCB “shot it straight” as Matt ‘P-Funk’ Powery, Grant, and James ‘Big Stick’ Emerick singled up the middle.  Then freshmen Gus followed them by ripping a 2-run single…up the middle.  In a game where the seniors (Miller, Boat, Gromer, and Hall) went hitless, the freshmen came up big at the plate. The first game will always be remembered by Grant’s standout performance.  At the plate, he went 2 for 2 with 2 sb’s, and on the mound he racked up 13 K’s. In an interview after the game “Grant Jennings” had only one thing to say… “PutDaTeamOnMyBack.”

—Game note: Miller went 0-4 with 2 K’s.

Game 2:

Grant continued his beast mode knocking Powery in for the first run.  In the 3rd inning, Grant once again reached base with a single, then Big Stick smashed a triple over the right fielder’s head.  Hall struck out (again) but reached base anyways, and Gus came through with an RBI-single. With Grant behind the plate, pitcher Eric Windsor dealt the whole game, striking out 8 guys and only giving up 2 hits. The ex-varsity battery was obviously working as TCNJ offense got nothing going. In the end, we failed to win by mercy rule but came as close as we could, winning the game 9-0.

—Game note: Miller went 0-5 with 2 K’s (making him 0-9 with 4 K’s on the day).

Game 3:

After the 2nd game, PCB was enjoying some Pizza Hut and chillin’ while TCNJ was getting riled up and refocused. The different mentalities carried over into the start of Game 3. Yodh scared the team as he walked the bases loaded and gave up a run in the 1st inning.  Luckily the Offense backed up our pitcher with a huge 2nd inning. Stringing singles and walks together, everyone in the lineup (with the exception of Miller) scored a run. After our 9-run inning, Yodh settled down and gave us 5 solid innings. In the bottom of the 6th, we all gave Miller a standing ovation as he finally got a hit. Later that inning, Cooter had a chance to put us up by 10 runs and win the game. Luke gave the ball a ride, but for some reason TCNJ’s CF was giving him a lot of respect and caught the ball.  Emerick sealed the deal and completely demoralized TCNJ with 4 straight K’s in the last two innings to close out the game and the series. Final score: 10-1.

—Series Note: PCB picked up a huge three game sweep thanks to Miller’s coaching and everybody playing well.  We’re now in 1st place in the District II South conference.


–       Luke not finding the hole for second base, and getting drilled in the back during TCNJ’s fungos.

–       Luke trucking Gus out of frustration.

–       Grant absolutely hosing the kid at 2nd base after overthrowing the ball 180 feet a minute earlier.

–       Powery throwing the ball 20 mph to 1st base.

–       Hall going 4 for 10 despite striking out his first 3 at-bats.

–       Miller’s 8-1 record as a coach.

–       PCB showing some speed with 3 triples (Emerick, Powery, and Grant).

–       Gromer turning the slowest double play in PCB history.

–       Cherney setting his alarm for 8PM instead of 8AM.

–       Jacobs’ “jam.”

Special thanks to:

Hall’s parents for driving us to and from the field.  The Academy of New Church Secondary School for providing us with a great field and facility.  Luke’s high school coach, Tim Litz, for finding us a baseball field to play this series.

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