Player Interview: Matthew “Okie” Powery

Okie at the plate vs. TCNJ

Our “Player Interview” series kicks off with Junior psychology major and recently elected Co-President Matt “Okie” Powery.  Okie sheds light on his favorite PCB moments, favorite women’s club team, and much more.

1) Matt, what’s your current position/role within Penn Club Baseball?

–I play 3rd base, also known as the hot corner. Off the field, I have been and will continue to be a team officer. This past year, I was the team secretary, and this upcoming year, I will be a Co-President. Literally, this means that I will help manage almost all things related to Club Baseball. Figuratively, it means that I’ve got a lot of power… if you’re into that, ladies.

2) You’ve played two seasons so far, what are your favorite on and off-field PCB moments?

–While I enjoy PCB’s off-field extracurricular activities, the best part about being on the team is playing baseball. My favorite team moment was beating Hofstra during the regular season this past year. All we talked about all season long was showing Hofstra that they weren’t invincible, and when the time came, we did just that. My favorite individual moment on the field was getting a base hit on the first pitch that I saw in a PCB game freshman year. My favorite off-field PCB moments have been my 6 consecutive dizzy-bats during the Spring Fling BBQ freshman year and the drive back from Hofstra this year.

3) What are your hopes for the upcoming season? How do you plan to prepare for it over the summer?

–For the upcoming season, I have both goals for the team and for myself. I hope the team continues its recent streak of success. We just had our first winning season, and next year I want to up the ante. My goal for the team is to win the regional playoffs and make it to nationals. As for my personal goals, I want to turn things around at the plate and show that this past year was just a sophomore slump. I had a couple hits during the playoffs to end the year, so hopefully that continues into next season. How do I plan to prepare for next season over the summer? Three words: Road to Glory. Also, I want to do well as club co-president. I’d like to live up to the standards set by the past co-presidents that I had the pleasure of playing with, namely Mich and Miller.

Lightning Round

Best PCB nickname?

–“Cooter Shooter,” shortened to simply “Cooter.” It’s humorous and might be the only nickname recognized by everyone on the team.

Favorite PCB freshman? Strege, Rawlin, or Gus?

–Jeremy Yodh. May the force be with you.

Sock Wresting Match: Cherney vs. Sabin?

–Once upon a time, the one and only Stephen Chernekoff told me that I could beat Mike Pierce (the biggest guy on the team) in a wrestling match. For that reason alone, I’d pick Cherney over Sabin.

Blondes or Brunettes?

–A younger Matthew was all about blondes, but these days, Okie loves him some brunettes.

Favorite Romantic-Comedy?

–So many to choose from… I’m gonna go with “Hitch”. Will Smith is a boss, and Eva Mendes is NICE.

Walks on the beach or chasing butterflies in a meadow?

–Definitely walks on the beach. 1) less tiring, 2) can be done day or night, and 3) more romantic

Walk-up music?

–“In Da Club” by 50 Cent (the clean version because I care about the children in the stands). You can play that any time of the day, and I’ll get hyped.

Favorite Penn Women’s club team?

–Club Soccer, hands down. They really stepped up during our mixers this past year and have arguably the best team website (maybe second behind ours).

Favorite place to get food on campus?

–It comes down to New Style’s calzone and Pasqually’s chicken parm. I’m gonna go with New Style cause you get slightly more bang for your buck.

Blarney or Smokes?

–Blarney, the working man’s bar. Quizzo on Tuesday nights is a PCB officer cornerstone.

We will post a new interview every week throughout the Summer. Any player, past or present, who would like to be part of the series please email PCB secretary Rawlin Rosario (

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