Prospective Players

Penn Club Baseball

As we enter the sweltering months of July and August it’s time to start preparing for the season ahead.  Much of this preparation starts with recruiting the next crop of Penn Club Baseball players.  Each year’s newcomers always consist of freshmen, returning Penn students, and graduate students.  So if you are interested in playing club baseball here at Penn, feel free to send us an email with any questions or comments.  Here’s a quick list of information about PCB:

1) Our roster consists of about 30 players from across Penn’s student body

2) Tryouts usually take place in mid-September

3) We play league and nonleague games in both the Fall and Spring semesters

4) We practice about two times per week

5) We finished 2nd place in our conference last season, which gave us a spot in the District II Regional playoffs.

We’ll post more information about tryouts and the Fall season closer to the start of classes.

-We can’t wait for a new group of players to help us contend for a spot in the NCBA DII World Series.

-Please email Co-Presidents Luke Poethig ( or Matthew Powery (

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