Here’s all the information any prospective player needs for PCB Tryouts on Sunday September 23rd, 2012.

Where: Meiklejohn Stadium

When: Sunday September 23rd, from 3pm to 6pm

What to Bring: Glove, Bat (Optional), Hat, Cleats, Sneakers, and Baseball Pants, Sweatpants, or Shorts.

–The Penn Varsity Baseball team is using the field beforehand, so please don’t go on the field if you arrive before a member of PCB.

–Pitchers will throw bullpens and hit. Outfielders and infielders will take fungos/batting practice separately, then IF/OF together at the end.

–Players will run 60 yard dashes in pairs.

Please email an officer with any questions, and tell/bring anyone else interested in trying out for Penn Club Baseball.

Directions to Meiklejohn Stadium:

From the Quad

–Go to Wawa on 38th and Spruce streets.

–Take 38th Street toward University Ave.

–Follow the sidewalk past the hospital parking garages and under the train tracks.

–The entrance to Meiklejohn Stadium is on the left – RIVER FIELDS DRIVE. The baseball stadium will appear on the right just after the cooling station.

 From Hill

–Walk to the South Street Bridge on 33rd and Spruce streets. (Past the Museum and Train Station)

–Continue walking on the bridge until you reach the redbrick Hollenback building.

–Make a right and then make a quick left down the stairs.

–Follow the stairs down to the ground level and head towards the right around the building.

–Walk along the sidewalk past the Penn Soccer Stadium and the Warren Softball Field. (1/2 Mile)

–Around the next bend will be Meiklejohn Stadium.

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