Intersquad Game Recap


This past Saturday, 18 PCBers played in our first annual Intersquad Game. Co-President Luke Poethig led the Red team while his counterpart Matt Powery managed the Gray team. The Red team pulled out a big 9-0 win thanks to great pitching and big hits. Blessed with great weather, we had a fantastic day of baseball that helped prepare us for our upcoming games against Penn State and Rider. Here’s some highlights:

–Cherney and O’hare throwing the 2 hit shutout vs. the Gray’s

–Rogers mashing at the plate and Luke’s base-loaded triple

–Charlie Bradford showing up and promptly saying: “This is the most intense game of baseball I’ve played since high school”

–Rawlin talking again

–Meyers throwing pretty well considering he hasn’t practiced in two months

–Luke’s game ball aka “My proudest baseball moment since 4th grade”…which I can assure you is very true.

–AND last but certainly not least, PCB’s postgame celebration later that evening. As sophomore Joe “All State” Strege perfectly summarized, “Sweet Jesus, that was raunchy”

Thanks to all those that showed for the game and afterwards, and Germantown Friends School for allowing us to use their field.

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