Player Interview: Luke “Cooter Shooter” Poethig

Luke PCB Headshot

After a long hiatus, our “Player Interview” series returns with a special exit interview. Former PCB Co-President and graduating History/Art History buff, Luke “Cooter Shooter” Poethig, speaks about his favorite moments from the last four years, his thoughts on the future, and other things.

1)      Luke, looking back on your four years with Penn Club Baseball (three of which, you were heavily involved in as an executive), how would you describe the team’s progress and current status?

–The team’s progress has been remarkable considering we weren’t even in the NCBA my freshman year. J-rod, Mich, and Miller did an incredible job setting up and leading PCB to success. Unfortunately, we had a forgettable record this year, but the team is as strong as ever. From being involved with PennRec and having a presence on campus, PCB is definitely a top-tier club team.  Next year will be full of W’s.

2)      What are your favorite on- and off-field PCB moments?

–On-Field include MCCC scrimmage freshmen year, beating Hofstra (includes Miller’s scoop at 1st), and clinching Regionals.  So many off-field memories come to mind: All the mixers, 6am conversation, Cavs trips, Pong tourney with J-rod, Mich, Big Bird, Trox, and Miller my freshmen year, Okie’s 6 dizzy bat performance, and my #1 memory of PCB…Abner’s and OE with Miller after clinching.

3) It’s well known that you aren’t exactly sure what your immediate future holds, but what are your long-term goals? If it were up to you, where could current players find you in a couple of years?

–Living in Europe (Berlin) or New York, working in an art museum/gallery setting, teaching.  Potentially back in school within the next decade…using up the rest of my NCBA eligibility.

Lightning Round

Favorite PCB catch phrase?

–The obvious choice is “Rip…”, but I’ll keep it g-rated and go with “GATA” or “It’s a Legion Night”

Person you regret not getting to sock wrestle?


Jon Jones or Anderson Silva?

–Bones, purely because he didn’t even notice his broken toe

Loco Pez tacos or Honest Tom’s chicken burrito?

–Loco Pez $1 tacos all day errday. But shout out to HT’s, and Pasqually’s for that matter

This is Penn Club Baseball, so I have to… Favorite country song?

–Dirt Road Anthem without question

Speaking of music, A$AP or Danny Brown?

–A$AP, but the Danny Brown concert on 5/8 may reverse my answer.

Basquiat or Warhol?


More memorable performance: Kiera Knightley in Last Night or Alexia Rasmussen in The Comedy?

–Wow, this might be the toughest choice, gotta go with Kiera. I have watched Last Night 5 times.

Place you wish you would have spent more time in while at Penn?

–Hmmmm…..Legion. Or Fox getting Big Boy Elio strong.

Mets or Yankees?

–Psychhhh. Always the Phils.

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