Scrimmage vs York Recap

Yesterday, Penn Club Baseball played a 9-inning scrimmage against York. Despite our slow start, PCB got the bats going and scored eight runs in the second and third innings. After nine, we had outscored our competition 15-11. Because it was just a scrimmage, the game will not count on our record, but it was a good way to start the year. Our young pitchers threw strikes, and we consistently put the ball in play. Not bad for our first time out on the field this season. Here are some other on-and off-field highlights (and low-lights) from yesterday:

— The Marucci

— Finding out the hard way that Okie’s face guard works

— Taggart’s errant throw to first

— Seinfeld quotes

— Dan Smith doing his best cricket impression

— Dan Smith getting hit by a ground ball while running from second to third (and Gus proudly taking a single in the book for it)

— Gus’ surprisingly good job at first base

— Sam Rogers’ 3-for-3 day

— Karina’s extremely neat book-keeping

— The excessively long ride home


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