Conference DH vs TCNJ Recap

Today marked the official start of PCB’s spring season. Meiklejohn Stadium played host as we got things rolling with a double header against TCNJ. It looked like we were determined to lose when we first took the field. TCNJ quickly scored two runs following a couple errors and walks. After the first inning, we settled down in the field, backing up Kirav Patel’s solid outing on the mound. In fact, the freshman pitcher did not give up any more runs for the rest of the game. From there, it was up to our bats to get it done. Led by Ben “Brogers” Rogers and Joseph “All-state” Strege, we finally took the lead in the bottom of the fifth and won the game 4 to 2.

The story of the second game was Doug “Slim Jim” Meyers’ standout performance on the mound. Usually offering to pitch the first game of a series, Meyers elected to switch things up. It turned out to be a great decision. Meyers was in the zone all day, striking out thirteen TCNJ batters and allowing just two runs in the final frame. He even struck out the side after loading the bases in the fourth inning. PCB waited until the fifth inning to really get the bats going, and things culminated in the sixth with Rogers’ bases-clearing double. We left Meiklejohn with a 6 to 2 victory and a two-game sweep for the day.

Despite stranding an unhealthy amount of runners, we walked away with two more in the win column (putting us at 3-2 on the season thus far). Here are some other highlights/lowlights from the day:

–          The recurring infield fly calls

–          Fink’s glove toss

–          Wolfen doing his best Bill Buckner impression… and Rogers astutely pointing out that “he used to be an outfielder”

–          Rawlin’s glove… still not broken in

–          Townsend trying to take the field with a hoodie under his jersey

–          Wags showing up to watch the game from the stands

–          Gus’ 2-hit day

–          Townley’s mom’s cookies

–          Norton’s incredibly illegible bookkeeping

Special thanks go out to the families who made the trip down and to our peers who cheered us (well, cheered Meyers) on today. We’ll finish up our series with TCNJ later in the semester, and our next games will be at Rowan in two weeks.

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